The Pocono Mountains is a well-known resort area and an increasingly popular retirement destination for many who have had vacation homes here during their younger years. As such, cultural events galore, entertainment venues to suit all tastes, restaurants, shopping, casinos, social clubs, and religious opportunities. Just because a person’s mobility might be limited due to difficulty walking or giving up driving doesn’t mean they have to forego the things that drew them to the Poconos in the first place, including taking a ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery! We are fortunate to have many services, especially aimed at seniors, due to the much higher-than-average percentage of residents over 65 in Pennsylvania, second only to Florida. There are several Senior Centers and many Senior Clubs, all of which can be found by contacting the local Area Agency on Aging. Numerous volunteer opportunities are available to all through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, some of which require only a ride to the location and can be very rewarding and help a person feel needed and important. And remember, while mom is at bingo, the caregiver can be grocery shopping!

Many resorts and festivals offer free or discounted admissions for our elders, such as the Skytop/Buckhill Music Festival, which offered free tickets to dance performances this summer, and the Shawnee Playhouse, which does the same at times throughout the year for plays of special appeal for seniors. As do the local retirement communities, our local East Stroudsburg University has numerous free concerts and performances during the year. Anyone wishing to attend these events need only make that known to their Care Coordinator, and a ride with a caregiver can be arranged. Many Griswold Pocono Mountains caregivers have commented that they enjoy accompanying their clients on social outings and learn a lot in the process.

As mentioned earlier, by arranging for a caregiver to take you or your loved one for outings, the limited stimulation available to those remaining at home alone can be prevented, thus preventing boredom and depression and increasing the joy that makes life worth living. Even the most simple things, like an old-fashioned Sunday drive or going for ice cream, can brighten a person’s day considerably.

Another opportunity is the educational opportunities in the Poconos, from environmental groups to religious programs. This office sponsors workshops about various topics of interest to the older adult and their families, such as “Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s” and “Helping Those with Hearing Loss,” which are also directed to Griswold professional caregivers, increasing their skills. Even adults with disabilities can enjoy many such events since the requirement for ramps and handicapped restrooms in public places has made access so much easier. Even the truly home-bound and bed-bound can benefit from the presence of a friendly caregiver who can play games or read to them, write dictated cards, go through (or help create!) photo albums, play old records, or simply encourage reminiscing and storytelling.

Local Resources

Meals on Wheels
Monroe County Meals on Wheels provides superior nutritional support, a daily human connection,
and other supportive services for the homebound so they may remain safe and independent in their homes.

Crossroads Community Services
Crossroads began as a permanent supportive housing program providing service to people who have serious and persistent mental illness and who have experienced homelessness. Services include rental subsidy, case management, individual recovery planning, links to community resources, life skills education, coordination of educational and vocational training services, and coordination of medical, dental, and mental health services.

Veterans Service Center-PA

Alzheimer’s Association-Greater PA
The Greater Pennsylvania Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serves 59 counties in western, central, and northeastern Pennsylvania through its offices in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, along with a network of dedicated staff and volunteers across the Commonwealth.

Library Services- Eastern Monroe Public Library
The Eastern Monroe Public Library provides free access to information, creates connections among people, and promotes reading and culture.