Resources for Success

Legal Documents
We recommend considering:

  • Healthcare Surrogate- this designates someone to make medical decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself
  • Durable Power of Attorney- used to designate someone to make health, financial, and/or legal decisions when you are unable to act
  • Last Will and Testament- this directs how your property will be managed after your death
  • Living Will/Advanced Directive- this formalizes your wishes regarding the medical care to be used or withheld if you become incapacitated

The Five Wishes document found at does an excellent job for the Living Will and Health Care Surrogate
segments noted above. Due to the recent changes in the Florida Durable Power of Attorney law, we strongly suggest you consult an
attorney to create/review this document.

Elder Care Attorneys
All attorneys are not created equal. Many specialize. Eldercare Attorneys provide special value in at least two areas: helping you with the key documents each of us needs as we age (see above) and managing our assets and income to qualify for Medicaid (including the Long Term Care managed Care Program) and/or the VA Aid and Attendance program. Call us for a list of the elder care attorneys we have networked with in the past, including Bay Area Legal, our local not for profit team providing free civil legal services for low-income families throughout the Bay Area.

Aging Life Care Professionals (formerly called Geriatric Care Managers)
If you are trying to coordinate care for someone and just don’t have the time or are too far away, there are people that do this for a living. They are called Geriatric Care Managers. Please see or call us for the names of care managers in your area that might be a good fit for you and your family

Transportation Services
Home Care companies such as Griswold Care Pairing may refer caregivers that provide incidental transportation along with personal care and companionship and homemaking (see below for more details).
Call 1800-963-5337 for county and state resources
Two options to consider are: GoGoGrandparent (national) and DoortoDoorUs

Prescription Delivery
There are a number of pharmacies that will deliver to your home. For those of us that have difficulty traveling, this can be a much needed service. Please see us for a list of those in your neighborhood.

Mobile Medical Services
There are physicians, dentists, lab services, and podiatrists that will come to your home. Please contact us for a list.

Adult Briefs, Wipes, Gloves, Soaps, Cleaners, Paper Towels
Looking for Adult Incontinence supplies?

  • If one is on Hospice, most of this will be supplied by them and paid for by your medical insurance
  • All others, if you are looking for quality products at reasonable prices delivered to your home, saving you time you can consider contacting Mauro Kennedy at Short and Simple Supplies at 813-317-0210. Since Short and Simple Supplies was founded in 2008, the company has become an area leader in home delivery with a solid reputation for quality and service.

Durable Medical Equipment
Before ordering this equipment yourself, please check with you doctor to see if your medical insurance will pay for the requested items. Depending on your diagnosis, Walkers, Manual Wheel Chairs, Electric Wheel Chairs and Bedside Commodes, Hospital Beds, Lifts, etc. all could be ordered by your physician, delivered to you free of charge, and paid for by your medical insurance with little or no co-pay

Home Health Care
Skilled Care/Medical Insurance Reimbursed-Your health insurance provider (Medicare, etc.) may pay for in home nurse visits and/or
physical therapy to help you recuperate from an injury after a fall or to provide strengthening exercises/balancing programs to proactively prevent one, even if you haven’t been admitted to the hospital. See your primary physician to determine what is available and how it works. If you need the name of a good Home Health Agency providing these types services, let us know. We have relationships with many of them.

Home Care
Day to Day Private Pay Care- ongoing care is not usually paid for by your medical insurance company. This is usually an out-of-pocket
expense. It is also usually provided by a non-medical Home Care company like Griswold versus a Home Health Care Agency. For those that need non-medical in-home care, Griswold Care Pairing provides Caregiver referrals that often cost less than many competitors in the area.

Paying for Home Care
As noted above, your medical insurance does not usually pay for on going day in day out Home Care. Typically this is paid for out of your own pocket. There are however some limited government programs that can defray part of the cost.

  • Medicaid Long Term Care Managed Care: This program provides 6-20 hours of in home care a week for area seniors. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging to see if you qualify. Each county has 4-5 Master Providers. If you are approved for care, you can request a specific Provider. These providers then subcontract the specific work (like Home Care, meals,etc).
  • Veterans Aid and Attendance: If you are a veteran that served during what is considered a wartime period and you meet certain asset and income tests you may qualify for a supplemental pension from the VA. The best place to contact about this benefit and most other VA benefits is the Hillsborough Department of Veteran Affairs 813-975-2181 or the Pasco County Veterans Services Officer 727-834-3292 (In Land O Lakes, the Veteran Service contact is Walter Lux at 813.929.2719)
  • VA Home Health Aid Program/Choice Program/Community Based Program: Veterans under VA care can get a Home Health Aide to visit them 3+ times a week for a bath and up to 4 hours a week for homemaking services. See your VA social worker for details.

There are three other avenues to pursue to create funds for home care:

  • Reverse Mortgages– For those of us 62 and over that have invested most of our net worth in our homes, this is a great safe tool to tap into our equity to provide funds for health and home care type expenses. We network with a number of trustworthy individuals that would be happy to sit down with you and help you find out if this product is right for you.
  • Long Term Care Insurance (and LTC riders to Life Insurance) – typically you purchase this before an event occurs that causes you to require assistance.
  • Life Funding Life Insurance Conversion– Lifecare Funding can convert your death benefit into a Life Care Benefit Plan that is used to fund Home

Emergency Help Buttons
Emergency response systems are a low cost first step at providing some piece of mind for those at home alone. Most charge a monthly fee with no long term contract. Griswold Care Pairing for Pasco County recommends Connect America. Please contact us for their number.

Wandering Services
There are three types of services for folks who are at risk for wandering: Emergency Help Buttons with GPS’s in them, Radio Signal Bracelets such as LoJack Brand, and shoes with inner soles that have GPS trackers built into them.

Senior Services

  • General Services: If you are inquiring about local senior resources, the place to call is the Elder Helpline 800-963-5337
  • Medicare Enrollment: For those qualifying mid year and enrolling for the first time or for those re-enrolling each November/Decemberthe place to call is SHINE at 1-800-336-2226. SHINE can help you determine which options are best for you.

Resources for those dealing with the challenges of ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s and other Dementias, , etc.
You are NOT alone! There are some wonderful support groups available to help you. We encourage you to reach out to them. If you need assistance finding them, please let us know. Many of the local chapters have respite programs where they will provide a few hours of care so you the caregiver can get away and recharge your own battery

VA Death Benefits
Veterans and their spouses have helpful death benefits. Before you take on any obligations in this area, Griswold Care Pairing for Pasco County recommends contacting Veterans Funeral Care (800-467-7850). Their representatives can explain your VA benefits, and their company is one of the low cost providers for services, helping you to save $ on the portion the VA is not already covering.

Remodeling to Remain Safe and Independent at Home
Please see us for names of contractors that can help you with grab bars, wheelchair ramps, remodeling kitchens, hallways, baths etc. to prepare your home for your potential future needs.

The Senior Directory/ Senior Living Guide-Both contain a complete list of Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Senior Move Managers
These folks help you plan and execute a move (downsizing, moving to a facility, etc.)

Facility Placement
These entities help one find the right facility/community for them. They are a no cost service for the client as they charge a fee to the facility that you move to.

The Community Resource Information is provided solely by the independently owned franchise owner.