Date: October 12, 2023

Author: Kateri Swavely-Verenna


Embracing a career in elderly care is more than just a profession—it’s a purpose. The elderly have paved the way for the world we know today, and being part of their life journey offers a profound sense of fulfillment. When you work with the elderly, every day brings a new story, a shared laugh, or a moment of mutual respect. It’s a field where you can truly make a difference, especially as the number of seniors in our nation rises. As the U.S. witnesses a growing aging population, this sector promises emotional rewards and remarkable job stability.

At Griswold, we’ve seen firsthand how working in elderly care can be a rewarding and professional experience. Let’s dive into the numerous benefits of pursuing a career in this essential industry.

Benefits of Working with Elderly Patients

Job Security.

As mentioned, the number of Americans over age 65 is expected to grow from around 16% (in 2019) to 22% by 2030. The demand for professionals with knowledge and experience in senior care will only continue to increase.

Career Growth.

As the need increases, the number of senior living locations and companies also grows. As part of one of these budding organizations – or even as part of an established one – you have plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and advance your career. Additionally, careers in senior living don’t just include direct care. Some options allow you to improve the seniors’ quality of life, like working as an activities director, planning engaging activities for seniors, and even jobs in food and janitorial services at rehab centers and nursing homes.

Personal Growth.

Working with older adults will grow your compassion and empathy as you assist them with their new challenges and struggles. You will likely become a more patient person who feels a stronger sense of gratitude for your health and the health of your loved ones. Helping others is also an emotionally fulfilling occupation.

Learning and Changing Perspectives.

You might wonder what you can learn from working with the elderly. The answer is quite a bit. Remember, the seniors you are working with have lived for a long time and are full of life experiences – many that no longer exist. They have likely lived through wars and social change. They may have traveled extensively. The only way to learn about some of these experiences is to listen to those who lived through them. By listening to their stories and experiences, you may even begin to change some of your perspectives or priorities.

Provide Peace of Mind.

By caring for the elderly, you care for someone’s parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse, or friend. You are giving them the freedom to take care of their responsibilities while offering the peace of mind of knowing their loved one is safe and well cared for. Peace of mind is priceless, and you can receive emotional fulfillment knowing you are helping the seniors in your care and their loved ones.

There are many more benefits to working with older people than just the ones listed here, including scheduling flexibility and, in some cases, being able to choose when and where you work. 

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Careers Working with the Elderly

There are a variety of jobs when it comes to working with seniors. Nurses and doctors often specialize in elder care. Caregivers and home aides assist with daily tasks, ensuring seniors are comfortable. Social workers help with emotional and mental challenges, while physical and occupational therapists help maintain mobility and independence. Activity coordinators plan engaging programs at senior centers, and dietitians design healthy meal plans. There are also administrative roles, like managers of elder care facilities. Each job plays a part in supporting our older generation.Don’t be intimidated by the requirements or the thought of spending so much time with seniors. You may be surprised by what a rewarding career working with seniors can be.

Here at Griswold, we believe that our caregivers are at the heart of what we do, making a positive difference every day. If you’re searching for a career that combines purpose and potential, consider the fulfilling field of caregiving.

Date: October 12, 2023

Author: Kateri Swavely-Verenna


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