Date: April 30, 2019

Author: John Woods

Whilst dogs are generally adaptable to their lifestyle, if, as a senior, you are bringing a new pooch into your home, there are certain things to consider that will make life much easier.

Firstly, consider if the dog’s energy levels will meet yours – if you love walking, then an avid walker will fit right in!

Consider how easy it is for you to meet their care needs. Some curly coated breeds require daily brushing – is this going to be achievable?

Do you have the time to spend training particularly stubborn breeds, or would you rather a more laid-back, eager-to-please pooch?

I’ve put together our top 4 breeds for seniors, based on temperament, exercise, and care needs.

Frenchton – The French Bulldog Boston Terrier Cross

This designer cross-breed is the result of mating a French Bulldog with a Boston Terrier. The aim was to reduce some of the known health problems with the parent breeds.

Standing up to 16”, this small pooch doesn’t take up much room at all! Having a short and sleek coat, these guys come in low on grooming requirements.

A grooming mitt is perfect for these guys! Not renowned for barking, they are quite quiet pooches, but they carry an energetic zest for life which will certainly keep you smiling!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Both gentle and athletic, the Cavvy is a perfect choice for a senior.

Also low on grooming requirements, their silky coat really only requires regular brushing.

Bred to be a lap dog, this truly is where they are happiest, but don’t forget his sport dog descendants – he is more than happy meandering out for a walk.

Generally trainable, their recall can leave a lot to be desired, so on-leash walking is best! Super-eager to please and friendly, the Cavvy is a loyal companion.

Chug Dog – Friendly Pug Mix

A Chihuahua crossed with a Pug results in this active, playful, and friendly pooch!

Classed as a toy breed, they won’t grow much bigger than 20 pounds. Super-confident, they will make friends with everyone! Appropriate socialization is a must though as their confidence can be wrongly channeled into confrontation.

This feisty guy will certainly keep you on your toes! Low on grooming requirements, a brush with a grooming mitt is ample to keep him in tip-top condition.

Small in size but large in character, a cheeky chap with a heart of gold perfectly suited to seniors.

Scottish Terrier

An independent and predictable companion, the Scottish Terrier has attitude to boot, and is great for active seniors! Scotties love their exercise and play!

But once their daily quota is met, they will happily take themselves off to chill. In true terrier style, they are independent – they know what they like and what they don’t. Incredibly intelligent, they are easily trained, providing you keep their interest.

Perfect for seniors who don’t expect their pooch to follow them around for every minute of every waking day. They do require regular grooming, so it’s best to get into a routine with a local grooming salon.


Whilst the range of breeds is quite vast here, we have considered care needs, size, and temperament. Choose a breed that suits your lifestyle. Consider how much time you have available to groom and train a dog and choose a breed that makes it achievable. You may even decide to rescue an older pooch to avoid the stresses of raising a pup! These aren’t the only breeds suitable for seniors, but we hope they help with your decision.

About the author:

Hi, my name is John, the founder of All Things Dogs and fellow dog lover; just like you! I am a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a graduate in Animal Behavior and Welfare and a recognized author by the Dog Writers Association of America.  All Things Dogs is a website made by dog lovers for dog lovers. I’m on a mission to make the world a better place for dogs by teaching and educating over 40,000,000 people on how to care for dogs.

Date: April 30, 2019

Author: John Woods

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